Audience Insight and Analysis

Our Challenge

In order to provide more value to it’s membership, the National Educational Association wanted to better understand the various segments within the membership and create programs and initiatives to better service the member community.

What did we do?

Using data mining techniques from the data extracted from the data warehouse, a set of six segments based upon various demographic descriptors was created. An extensive report was generated detailing characteristics of each segment for future strategic marketing, program development and research purposes.

Additionally, focus groups and a telephone survey were conducted to determine the similarities and differences between the segments based upon member needs, opinions and attitudes towards the association’s product/service offerings.


Proposed action plans from the research allowed for the development of segmentation strategies enabling the NEA to determine:

  • Why teachers (members) today are not participating in product/service offerings as often as in previous years.
  • Cross-selling opportunities for those have participated.
  • Teachers’ needs and attitudes toward existing product/service offerings as well as potential new products/services.
  • Which products/services to eliminate from current portfolio.
  • Degrees of affinity and loyalty members have toward the NEA and its Member Benefits organizations.