Onsite Traffic Conversion for PropertyRoom.com

The Challenge

Given the knowledge that 90% of website visitors weren’t converting develop on-site campaigns designed to understand behavior and increase conversion of prospects who’ve demonstrated initial interest by coming to the website.

What did we do?

Based on understanding website analytics, we created a series of overlays designed to engage and encourage conversion based on session behavior of prospect.  By observing how a prospect interacts with the site (what they scroll to, how long they spend on a page or section of page, what product categories they click on, how much time they spend on an item or collection and whether or not they started a sales transaction) we used automation software to serve persuasive content in real-time to guide the prospect down the conversion funnel.  We continued to refine this process constantly employing A/B testing for campaign optimization.


New emails:  Weekly/Monthly
New bidding activity: 24% increase weekly